How to unban Pubg Moblie Account emulator

How to unban Pubg Moblie Account emulator 1

AS the game has regulation and terms that are not able to be broken or violated such as using cheat codes, bug abuse, or playing PUBG Mobile game using a third-party app. Your account would definitely be banned. The duration of banning an account can vary, according to the game terms and condition and it depends on your behavior and attitude, for an instant, there are several PUBG Mobile Players who complained of getting their account banned for 3650 days, in other words, permanently banned. 

E.g. your account will be banned for violating regulation.

Unlock 2029-2-27, 13:20:57.

 Please contact our customer services if you have any questions.


However, simple and short steps that can be followed easily to solve the problem of banning, for that you can be connected to your account and resume gaming. 

Following the description of the steps, which can be shortlisted into four steps, Exist the Game, Browser, ES File Explorer, Change device ID, VPN, and file unban manager. Yet going through each one in detail.

Exist the Game, so you will be able to reset your account, through search into Browser. 

ES File Explorer is the most needed app, which you need to download and install on your device. Nonetheless, it will present you with the files you have. Keep in mind to download its latest version. Recent updates on Pubg Mobile will automatically take place on the app. 

Data storage > Data

Data >

You will be giving as many as files option, tap on, No Backup. Paste the data you had copied from Data Folder. 

Data > > shared-prefs 

More option of files will be uploaded on Shared-prefs. You only need to choose and tap on device ID 

Device ID > press on Edit on the top of the right screen

String name =”uuuid”>8ec5a8c09d63da404f1732884adeb76b</string> into 


The step above is Changing Device ID” the fourth step, which you will be able to change the current account ID to a new ID. Nevertheless, you will be able to customize your ID. The following step is to copy your Original ID and press on Apply so you can give a permit to change the ID, at the moment you will receive a note that contains the confirmation of your ID changing request.

e.g. “You have successfully changed your phone ID” your new ID is “8ec5a8c09d63da454”.


VPN is important to have strong access, as the game depends on the strong and high speeded internet. VPN will support your low network sign. Anyhow set your location from its varied list of countries and press on connecting. Probably you will be receiving a note of the connection request. For instant:-

* VPN wants to set up a VPN connection that allows it to monitor network traffic.

Only Accept if you trust the source.

* appears on the top of the screen when it’s active.

Keep in mind that such kind of notes is customized to a specific sort of VPN, it does vary from one to another, so you don’t expect to receive this particular one.

  Logger is a nifty little app that helps you keep a tab on your device log features, as well, String along with,, which will appear in the Data Folder, you will be given an option of Cache. Moreover, with the cloud.ini using ES Note Editor Copy and paste your New ID. “Unban file” copy the files inside and have a go back on the Data folder. Once you find Get into Cache again, where you need to paste the copy materials. 

*Copy file to */storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ /cache. Successfully done.

You will receive a note with the above content but still, it varies from device to another. 

A simple last step is to refresh the application to make sure you had insert all the data needed to unban the account, and press on exist. 

Now your account is ready to be used all over again, and you can easily access to the game. 


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