20 Top PUBG bots signs How to spot bots in PUBG

20 Top PUBG bots signs How to spot bots in PUBG 3

As a PUBG player, it’s often more satisfying to kill a real human player instead of a game. Therefore, players always wonder whether the player they just killed is a bot or a real human being. Since PUBG MOBILE doesn’t offer any official way to figure out the difference, I came up with certain observations to distinguish between the two.

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Bots Are Enemies Controlled By CPU / AI in

A bot is a faux enemy that is controlled by CPU or AI. They’re dressed the same as real players so it’s hard to identify them by clothing alone.

How To Identify Bots From Players in PUBG

20 Top PUBG bots signs How to spot bots in PUBG 4

Players can spot bots by taking note of the following features:

  • A bot usually avoids entering houses. Expert players guarantee that a bot will never enter a house or settlement for loot. They will instead circle around the house or stay at one spot nearby. They would never land on top of a building.
  • A bot only circles those houses in which an actual player is hiding. If you have ever noticed a player around the building waiting outside, it’s most probably a bot. Experienced players often use these bots as a bait to lure enemies for the loot and kill them once they fall for the trap.
  • Bots usually avoid taking cover. Instead, they act as daredevils, walking with their guns high in the air. Even while under attack, they would hardly jump for cover to protect themselves.
  • Bots will never loot crates of dead players. They will kill real players but won’t bother to loot the items of that player.
  • Bots often come up from nowhere in a match. You won’t see them coming from far away distances.
  • If you undertake surprise attack on a bot, it will immediately know the direction from which you are shooting and start firing at you.
  • Some say that a bot won’t try to kill you at first glance. When they start shooting at you, their bullets will miss you slightly. This gives players enough chances to locate and shoot back. However, some bots with deadly rifles such as a DP-28 will have no mercy and kill you at first glance.
  • Crates of dead bots often have interesting loot items in the form of unique clothing as well as powerful weapons.
  • Bots are known to not parachute into a game (except for arcade mode matches). They will appear out of nowhere with exciting loot items.
  • Bots Don’t Move While Shooting
  • Bots Have Guns But Rarely Fire|
  • Bots Carry Certain Gun Models
  • Bots Stand Still While Shooting


  • Bots don’t move or strafe while shooting so it’s easy to eliminate them even if you get shot first.
  • Bots Don’t Shoot Even If Equipped With Guns
  • Bots are usually equipped with guns but rarely fire them so even if you do get shot, there’s no follow up, therefore no fear of getting knocked down.
  • Bots Can Enter Buildings
  • Bots will now enter buildings, so be careful! Even if a bot can enter the building, there are still telltale signs that they are not an actual player, such as shooting while standing still, not instantly shooting, etc.
  • Bots Only Carry Certain Guns

When eliminating bots, you’ll notice it drops certain types of guns often, usually the M16A4, Tommy Gun, or UMP 9, among others.

Bots often keep running in large open areas without dashing for cover. Especially in the lower tiers, you will often see them running towards a house without carrying weapons. Even when they are noticed, they hardly do anything save themselves.





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